Mt. Zion Holiday Fund Makes Wishes Come True

We are asking once again for your help in this most worthwhile endeavor. We are greatly in need of donations this year because we have more children to support than ever before. Together we can do so much. So many times these gifts are the only ones the children receive. 

Tis once again that time of year
When we seek your patronage to spread Christmas cheer.
For the past eleven years, it has been such a joy
To provide Mt. Zion students with gifts of clothing, books and toys.
For many of the children, these gifts they receive
Are the only ones under the tree Christmas Eve.
Each family is also given certificates for food
To help make a special holiday meal for their brood.
The nurse at Mt. Zion and the teachers as well
Are busy identifying families whose needs we can fill.
Our main goal each year always has been
To put smiles on the faces of these special children.
But without you it can’t happen, so please help us spread Christmas cheer,
With your generous support, this can be their best year!

 Donations may be made to Mt. Zion Holiday Fund and sent to Anne Smith at 2849 Cap’n Sams Road, Seabrook Island, South Carolina 29455 or given to Marilyn Armstrong, 843-768-9252, Paula Adamson, 843-768-4881, Charlotte Moran, 843-768-3083, Pam Steele, 843-768-8027, Jane Morris, 843-408-3987, or Susan Colatsky, 843-243-0228. They may also be dropped off at the Racquet Club or Golf Club Pro Shops on Seabrook Island.

Submitted by Pam Steele

Bob LeFevre, December Artist of the Month

Opening Reception Sat., December 1 from 5:00 – 7:00 pm

The Seabrook Island Artist Guild Announces that the December Artist of the Month will be Bob LeFevre. Bob retired from a successful career in business at the age of 55 to pursue his passion – oil painting. He started taking private art lessons when he was nine and continued with drawing, painting and sculpture lessons throughout his elementary and high school days. At 18, Bob took lessons from a retired sea captain in Cape Cod, MA, where he painted his first clipper ship. It was then that his passion for painting scenes of the sea and its surroundings was born.

Bob continued to develop his skills through life drawing lessons including nine years at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, plein aire workshops and also by teaching drawing and painting to adults and teenagers, including many Seabrook and Kiawah residents and visitors. He was President of the Seabrook Island Artist Guild for four years and is currently V.P. of Education.

Bob’s subjects include many parts of the Low Country’s beautiful scenery…marshes, shrimp boats, birds, sunsets and, of course, the clouds and ocean. He has also been commissioned to paint many pets, grandchildren and local scenes by Seabrook and Kiawah residents.

Please join Bob for the opening reception in the front hallway of the Lake House on Saturday, Dec. 1, from 5:00 -7:00 pm or stop by and view the exhibit anytime during the month of December. To learn more about the Seabrook Island Artist Guild and upcoming events, please go to the website at

-Submitted by Betsy Turner

Blood Drive – December 6

The Seabrook Island Community Blood Drive will be held on Thursday, December 6th at the Lake House from 10:30 to 3:30 . Schedule an appointment by calling Pep Logan (843-768-0334) or Kathy Rigtrup (973-715-3005) or walk in at your convenience.  Help fill this critical need by giving your most precious present, your blood.

Tidelines Editors

News From Barrier Islands Free Medical Clinic

BIFMC Has One of
the Few Clinically
Certified Interpreters
in SC

At Barrier Islands Free Medical Clinic, approximately 30% of
patients are ‘Limited English Speakers’; primarily Spanish-speaking
adults who live or work on Johns, James or Wadmalaw Islands.

Many of the Spanish-speaking patients treated at the free clinic work in construction, landscaping, house cleaning, the food and beverage industry, and hospitality; as well as those who are working in the area for a limited time as migrant farmworkers. Fortunately, the clinic is able to provide interpreting services for patients, including both in-person and telephone services as necessary.

BIFMC Charge Nurse, Julia Sachs, is a certified medical interpreter who has gained trust among the robust Spanish speaking population at the clinic. She is one of the only clinically certified interpreters in the state of South Carolina, a certification valid for 5 years, renewed only by completion of continuing education credits. To achieve certification, a candidate must demonstrate proof of being fluent in two languages; have completed at least 40 hours of medical interpreter training; and then must pass a two-part certification exam, including questions on medical terminology, professional ethics, legal issues, and provider and patient management, as well as an oral exam.

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Public Notice – Town of Seabrook Island


Pursuant to Section 6-1-80 of the South Carolina Code of Laws, public notice is hereby given that the Mayor and Council of the Town of Seabrook Island will hold a public hearing on the proposed municipal budget for Fiscal Year 2019 at the following date, time and location:

Date:                     December 18, 2018
Time:                    2:15 pm
Location:              Town Hall, Council Chambers, 2001 Seabrook Island Road, Seabrook Island, SC 29455

Budgeted Revenues
Fiscal Year 2018 (Current):           $1,637,32
Fiscal Year 2019 (Proposed):       $2,179,775
Percentage Change:                       +33.1%

Budgeted Expenditures
Fiscal Year 2018 (Current):           $1,637,325
Fiscal Year 2019 (Proposed):       $2,179,775
Percentage Change:                       +33.1%

 Millage Rate
Fiscal Year 2018 (Current):           0.0 mills
Fiscal Year 2019 (Proposed):        0.0 mills**

 ** Estimated millage rate for 2019 equals $0.00 per $1,000 in Assessed Property Value

 To view a copy of the FY 2019 budget ordinance as well as an overview of the FY2019 budget highlights, please click here. Scroll down until you see links to these two documents.

The proposed budget may also be viewed in person at Seabrook Island Town Hall during regular business hours (Monday-Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm).

 For more information, please call (843) 768-9121. 

-Submitted by Joseph M. Cronin, Town Administrator

Traffic Accident on Main Road and Old Pond Road

We just received notification today, Wednesday, November 28 at 9:20 am, that there is an accident at the intersection of Main Road and Old Pond Road. Traffic is backed up in both directions. It appears to have just happened and first responders are now on the scene.

If you are heading towards West Ashley, you might want to take an alternate route.

Follow us on Twitter at TidelinesAlert to receive instant information about traffic issues as we receive them.

Tidelines Editor

SIB – It’s Time to Start Project Feederwatch!

Do you enjoy watching the birds in your backyard? Whether you have feeders or not, you should consider becoming a citizen scientist by joining Project FeederWatch this winter.

What is Project FeederWatch?

American Goldfinch by Dean Morr

Project FeederWatch lets you become the biologist in your own backyard. You identify the birds in your backyard or at your feeders and submit your observations to the Cornell Lab. You can count every week between November and April, or you can count only once all season. The time you spend is up to you! The easy online data entry lets you immediately see all of your counts and view colorful summaries and graphs. Anyone interested in birds can participate, you don’t have to be an expert. All you need is a comfortable chair, a window, and an interest in the birds in your neighborhood.

Ruby Throated Hummingbird by Dean Morr

What has been the experience of some of my neighbors?

The Morr’s participated for the first time in 2017-2018. It was a learning experience in bird identification. The slower pace of watching them at the feeder often allowed them to observe various characteristics that made future identification easier.

It was fun noting the different species that appeared during different periods. American Goldfinch was first seen last year on January 8 and the high count was 2. In the first weekend this year, 4 were seen.

Red-Bellied Woodpecker by Dean Morr

Looking back, it can be noted the American Robins were the highest number seen during one observation period. They were only seen from mid-December through mid-January.

Nineteen different species were seen for the 2017-2018 season. In the first two weeks of this season, 13 species have been observed. Chipping Sparrows and a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker were new species for them this year.

How do I participate?

Downy Woodpecker by Dean Morr

Once you sign up you can immediately start collecting data at your feeders. Read the online instructions and use the printable tally sheets to collect your counts. In the meantime, you will be sent a research kit in the mail with your unique ID number. When you have your ID number you can enter your counts online. Kits take a few weeks to arrive but don’t worry, it will be there soon. You don’t need it to start collecting data.

What do I get when I register?

The cost to participate is $18 and you will receive:

Carolina Wren by Dean Morr

FeederWatch Handbook & Instructions
Full-color poster of common feeder birds
Bird-Watching Days Calendar
The Project FeederWatch annual report, Winter Bird Highlights
Digital access to Living Bird magazine

The first day to count birds for the 2018-2019 FeederWatch season was Saturday, November 10, 2018, and the season runs through April 5, 2019.  There are already four SIB members who have joined Project Feederwatch for the 2018-2019 winter season. Let us know if you already are signed up! We hope more members will consider joining!

Let us know if you have any questions and go to the Project FeederWatch website to join now!

– Submitted by Judy Morr

(Photos by Dean Morr)

The Lake House Tech Form Tuesday, December 4

The Lake House Tech Forum

Topics of interest to Seabrookers of educational, cultural, or wellness value.


with Chad Droze of the Post and Computer Store

Date: Tuesday, December 4, 2018
Time: 3:00 pm
Location: The Lake House
Fee: No Cost

Join Chad Droze of the Post and Computer Center as he explains and demonstrates the best way to organize and manage your finances using Quicken, the most popular money management software for computers. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to manage and learn about your finances, then this forum is for you. This forum is designed for those with little to no experience using Quicken, or those who have always been interested in the software.

Specific topics that will be discussed:
1) Linking Quicken to your checking, saving, or credit card accounts.
2) Downloading transactions.
3) Categorizing transactions.
4) Running reports to understand where your money is going.
5) Setting budgets to control spending.

Please Note: It is not recommended that attendees bring their own computers, but taking notes with a tablet or smartphone is recommended.

Registration:  Pre-Registration is required to attend. The forum is limited to 20 participants and walk-ins will not be permitted. To register please email Janet Pasquale at

-Submitted by The Lake House

Freezing Weather and Water Pipes

The Seabrook Island Utility Commission would like to remind its customers that, during freezing temperatures enhanced by possible elevated winds, dripping (slow droplets or slow streams of water) their interior and exterior faucets, turning off both their irrigation system and backflow prevention device may help reduce damage to these from the pipes freezing and breaking.

The Commission cannot make any repairs to private plumbing systems.

-Submitted by Seabrook Island Utility Commission