Kiawah’s New Tide Station

The Town of Kiawah Island has an interesting weather station that monitors water levels as well as weather information. As we all know, storm surge and high tides are an issue to barrier islands such as ours. The public webpage provides real-time data that is collected every 15 minutes. In their announcement of the station, Kiawah said:

“The Town’s new water level monitoring station, located at the Kiawah River Bridge, provides real-time water level information that is now available to residents and the general public here.

“In addition, the webpage also provides real-time weather information from a weather station recently installed by the Town on the roof of The Timbers oceanfront residences. The water level monitoring station is solar-powered and collects water level data every 15 minutes with an accuracy of 2 mm or less. This new station will collect current and historical water level data specific to Kiawah and allow for monitoring the long-term effects of sea-level rise. The weather station is also solar-powered and collects and transmits weather data every minute. It will provide critical data during storm events, and in conjunction with water level data, will assist in the emergency management decision-making process. For more information click here.”

Tidelines Editors

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